4 Ways To Relax With Organics and Self-Love

April 30, 2013

Spring has sprung! And that means one thing: Spring Cleaning!

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Spring is here! Relax, organically, after a long day of organizing!

Yep, this is the time where we rush around like there’s no tomorrow doing house work, cleaning out storage spaces, organizing our offices. It seems like there’s no time to just kick back and relax as we try to get a good handle on the rest of the year by endless chores.

It’s pretty common to get stressed out in spring. So I’m compiling a list of four ways you can just relax (when you’re ready to do that, of course).

Tea Time!

 After a long morning of rearranging your pantry, getting rid of old files on your laptop or cleaning out your trunk – I suggest a nice cup of tea. Tea has been used for millennia to calm the nerves or just get warm liquid into the body – but it has so many other benefits.

Green tea is rumored to be the absolute best thing you can put in your body to fight cancer. Black tea is there when you need a quick pick me up, but don’t want to get jittery from coffee or over-sugared from soda.  Or if you’re looking for something totally caffeine free, an herbal infusion of chamomile is the perfect way to unwind after a long day of spring cleaning.

Why organic? Simply put, you know that there’s nothing bad in it. You wouldn’t want to ruin your relaxation by worrying where a cup tea came from, would you?

Take A Bath


Any time of day or night is a great time to soak in the tub – or run your body under water, if you have a shower only home. After a lot of hard work (especially messy work, like cleaning out the dustiest parts of the garage or gardening) I love taking a bath. Water seems to melt away stress along with the dirt and dust from spring cleaning.

You can’t go wrong with a simple bath, but accoutrements such as oils, luxurious organic soaps or amazing shampoos aren’t going to hurt! I like to use products with essential oils while taking a bath or shower. Smell is an oft-overlooked sense that works well to calm the racing mind.  A few drops of lavender essential oil and a generous scoop of epsom salt is my favorite combination after a long day on my feet.



Pamper Your Face

Even if you’re not in the midst of spring cleaning or a stressful day, I think a little face time is a great idea. It just feels good!

I always start my face pampering session with cucumbers on the eyes. I put on a little music of my choice, and plop those slices right on my peepers. There’s a reason you see cucumber eyes on products, ads for resorts and in women’s magazines: cucumbers are anti-inflamatory – they really do help with puffiness- a common bi-product of Spring allergies or too much work and not enough sleep!  (Here’s a tip: after a long cry, use cucumbers to bring down the redness and swelling).

There are so many awesome products that you can use to give your face some special attention, but you want to make sure they are right for your skin. Organic is a must! Different people have different types of skin, and many are sensitive to chemicals. Always try a little dab before putting something on your face. I’ve made some bad choices when skipping this – and boy, was my face red (literally).  Lately, pure, organic, almond oil has been my go-to for balancing, soothing, and moisturizing my skin.


Eat A Healthy Snack


There’s nothing like rewarding yourself after successfully completing a spring cleaning goal (or even getting half way through, if you’re me). A healthy snack will help you relax, and keep your energy up for the next thing you have to do!

My favorite snack, hands down, is a big plate of carrots and hummus. Some people like to go the peanut butter route if they are craving a little sweetness. If you want to pack a big punch into your snack, add a handful of fresh berries– there’s a reason they’re often called a superfood!

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