Hi there! My name is Kat and I own CertifiedOrganicSkins.com. I’m a qualified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, self taught Internet marketer and Network marketer. I love the freedom I get from running my own businesses both online and offline.

How did I get into Miessence?

When I was still at uni, my boyfriend at the time was searching for ways to make money working for himself. But more importantly, a way to make money that would run on autopilot. So he could set it up, put the effort in and then it would just generate income. I couldn’t understand him back then in 2007. I couldn’t understand why someone earning $100,000 a year wasn’t happy I was a poor uni student. I thought $100,000 salary would be the best thing ever. Little did I know I’d soon discover that money (or should I say ‘salary’) certainly did not = happiness.

After I finished all my study I got a job as a Personal Trainer at the local gym. But they could only give me 15 hours a week and I had to start every morning at 5am (yuck)!

Worse than that, I was ripping myself out of bed at some stupid hour in the morning, not to consult as a Nutritionist, or even work with Personal Training clients.. No, I was assigned the job of cleaning the gym equipment. Wiping the sweat off the machines.

I’d just spend a good chunk of my life preparing to get a good job. I got a Nutrition degree ( & several other certifications) to be a Nutritionist. To help people get the nutrients they need in each stage of life. But guess what? No one at uni tells you there’s no jobs after you graduate.  Why would they tell you? They need to keep their lecturing jobs.

When I was first looking for jobs, there was 1 – O.N.E. job available for the entire class of Nutritionists. And I was already making more per hour in my casual coffee making  job. I couldn’t see any sense in taking a lower hourly rate.

So back to the sweat wiping… Every morning I went to work at the gym I felt disillusioned & betrayed by the education system.  Generally pissed off at the whole situation. (And once I feel that voice inside screaming for help, the offending party doesn’t get much of a second chance. )

I quit soon after and decided to go get a job in the mining business. Here in Western Australia, we cant get the dirt out of the ground fast enough. The whole place is like one big gold mine.  Every second person you meet works in resources. There aren’t even enough people to fill the job vacancies in mining. And so anyone with a heartbeat can earn $100,000 AUD working on a mine site.

I had $$ in my eyes. Id never EVER made more than $400 in a week so off I went to a mining town in the North of WA. My Aunt & Uncle generously let me stay at their house. I had no friends in this new town. It was 42 degrees every day. I worked as a truck driver delivering pallets to businesses in the industrial area, then as I was about to throw in the towel,  I got a job with Rio Tinto. It worked out to $80,000 a year. But now I was in a dilemma. I was isolated. Away from my friends and family doing something that I didn’t hate, but didn’t love either, but I was making what I thought was a lot of money.

Me working on the explosives truck

I was miserable every single day. So next I got a job working in Drill & Blast for an iron ore mine. This time I was fly-in-fly-out and it was more money too. Two weeks working away and 1 week at home.

I thought it would be great. All expenses paid while I was working away and then buckets of cash in my account as the plane landed for the start of my week off.  But it wasn’t what I expected. What really annoyed me was that we had to be at work for 12 hours a day, even if there was nothing to do. What was the point. It was just stupid. A lot of the time we’d be pretending to work – driving around aimlessly in the ute, and I’d be wondering what everyone at home was doing. Thinking about all the days & moments I was missing out on in exchange for money in my account. I felt like I’d sold my soul.

Look at the pic below - I still have the same smile

I can actually say I hated it. And that’s not because of the job, or the town, or the people. It was because I wasn’t suited to the job & lifestyle. It was so far from ‘me’ I cant believe I actually did it for as long as I did. Ive only just touched on the jobs Ive tried. There’s a long list. And I quit all of them. Robert Kiyosaki says that the trick to success is to go out and make as many mistakes as you can as quickly as possible. Because thats how we learn. By trial and error. You can never know until you do it.

They say pictures tell a thousand words. Well Ive got my old security card from Rio Tinto. Its got this photo of me that just says it all. I look so miserable. Its a terrible photo

me as a little kid with my brother

but I keep it to remind me how great my life is and how miserable I’d still be if I’d stayed.

I love music. I love parties, I love being around people who are making a difference and going flat out towards what they’ve always wanted. Life is not a dress rehearsal. We only get one chance. So now I refuse to do stuff I don’t like. There’s not enough time for lame stuff!

Yes its me - A great photographer can do wonders 🙂

I pack every day full of things I LOVE. I surround myself with amazing people who revitalize me & inspire me.

Id like to buy my Mum & Dad a house on the beach.

I’d like to randomly travel the world & get married somewhere amazing Ive never been.

Id like to record an album & sing in a Jazz club.

Id like to DJ at Sensation White.

Me and my boy

I’d like a house so I can have a puppy.

October last year I decided I was going to DJ in a nightclub – Ive done that and last month I played live on the radio. I decided back in Oct 10 that I needed to make use of my singing voice. So I recorded some jazz covers and uploaded them. Last week I was contacted by a producer. He likes the vocals I recorded for him over the weekend 🙂

Caught up in all the stuff of life we too easily forget the most important things. What did you want to do when you were little? Maybe you should take 5 minutes out of your day. Listen closely and you’ll hear a little voice struggling to be heard, trying to guide you.  Be silent and listen and then, once you’ve heard, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Me DJing at a party


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