Facts About Organic Chocolates

June 30, 2011

Chocolates have always been associated with various health problems. This reason made some people to clearly direct on its delicious treat. But good news! Chocolates, preferably organic chocolates, have been proven to offer many health benefits.

Organic chocolates are made from high-quality organic ingredients. They meet or exceed all the requirements for qualification standards that classify them as an organic product. When the product’s cacao content was farmed in a suitable environmental way, chocolates are labeled as organic. This assures that there are no harmful pesticide residues added.

One of the reasons why you must eat organic chocolate aside from its non-organic counterpart is because you lessen the risk of ingesting pesticide residues. While non-organic chocolates are fine to eat, there are still possible pesticide residues present in the cocoa powder used, which can provide harmful effects to the body. Unlike non-organic chocolates, organic chocolates are made from organic cocoa that is cultivated in small plots under a shade canopy, thus minimizing the use of pesticides.

And since there is minimal risk for pesticide residue ingestion, organic chocolates have been proven helpful to the body. When moderately eaten, it can suppress chronic cough, contribute to heart health, help control blood sugar and add much-needed magnesium to the diet. However, too much eating is no longer good for your health. You should avoid too much intake of chocolate.

Previous studies have shown that chocolates are actually good for you. What makes eating them a health hazard is the kind of ingredients used to make them. That is why you must carefully choose organic over non-organic chocolates. Organic chocolates are healthier and tastier option for your body. Now you don’t have to worry about the possible health risks when you gratify your sweet tooth.



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