Green Ideas for Green, Organic Living

July 29, 2011

Are you living organically? Living green means recycling what has more use, using only what you need, using things that are recyclable rather than disposable, and eliminating thousands of chemicals in our lives. The following are four easy and fun ways to live greener and more organic every day starting today.

Eating Organic

Find an organic food store or organic section in a grocery store and try-anything-fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, and jams. You will find the difference in taste to be astounding. It is just the same with the difference between seeing the world in color or in black and white, the taste just bursts in your mouth. Organic food is generally of high cost, but for the taste you receive in return, and the assurance that there are no chemicals used in the process means you are getting more for your money as well as your health.

Used and Organic Used Clothing

Organic clothing is made from the very beginning without the chemicals that are usually used with mass-produced clothes and not labeled organic. These chemicals can cause adults and children to react with whelps, skin rashes, itching, and other uncomfortable symptoms. The use of such chemicals also pollutes our natural resources such as the earth, and its water. Wearing used or recycled clothing can reduce the number of natural resources that make up cloth, and now that the idea is becoming popular, there are some pretty fashionable used clothing stores around for both adults and children. Used clothing is less expensive to which the environment will pay less of a price as well.

Purify Your Water with Water Filter 

A water filter for your drinking water is cheap insurance to which you and your family are consuming the cleanest water that is free from harmful bacteria, chemicals and other pollutants that are usually found in drinking water. These filters are generally easy to install and can be purchased locally or online at hardware stores.

Clean Your Air with an Air Purifier 

The use of air purifier to clean your indoor air means that instead of simply recycling the air in your office or home, you are actually eliminating airborne pollutants that have been shown to cause long-term and acute health issues. Removing dust, mold and mildew spores, dust mites, pet dander, airborne chemicals, bacteria and viruses rather than breathing them simply means improving your health as well as your quality of life.


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