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Are you looking for a home based business?  Australian based company ONEGroup, is looking for business partners who are passionate about organic products.

  • Work when and where you want
  • Access to all the marketing materials you’ll need
  • A turnkey online business
  • Help and support, 24/7
  • The best health products in the world available to you at %40 off
  • Your own fully functioning online store
  • Complete flexibility
  • Build an income that can replace your job
  • A complete health and lifestyle solution
  • Start for only $10 for a limited time

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“The customer just needs to visit your Miessence website, make their purchase, head office ships direct to the customer so you don’t have to do anything. For me whats exciting is when i get up in the morning I have emails from the head office saying that you have a new customer. That happened while I was sleeping”

A miessence online business rewards you financially while allowing you to help people live healthier lives.

“Its amazing, I’m not really a business person by choice, but with this, you mearly make an order at your own leisure and then in a day or two its there on your doorstep. Its as simple as that. You don’t have to handle goods for anybody, you dont have to bring in orders for anybody, you dont have to reship out, everything is taken care of “

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Working in your Miessence online business also helps the environment. Our products contain absolutely no harmful chemicals or GMOs and Miessence is a carbon negative company.

“The whole sustainability side of it is that all of our electricity and power is offset with wind power. All of the carbon footprint, from the product leaving the door to getting to our customers and reps all over the world, is offset. We have a beautiful forrest with over 22 species that are growing and being planted to offset all of that. In addition to that we’ve got all sorts of processes in place that make our business practices far more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We have a 3rd party certifier who audits us and we’ve had gold certification for a few years now and are one of the innovators and leaders in the area. Its another aspect to the business which is part of our integrity, part  of our passion, part of our mission is being an example of all of those values and ethics in our day to day business practices”

“Its a business of integrity, its got awesome products, we’ve been around for 10 years, so we’re solid, our service and delivery is excellent. In every aspect of the business we deliver on what we claim to have and we are what what we claim to be. Its a matter of recognising that there is a growing need in the world and a growing market for products of integrity that are good for the environment and good for people. We cant put up with the same accumulating problems that we’ve been putting up with in the past, its time for a change and this business is in line with that change as well. Its a good time and a great solid company that can deliver at that time “

“When we started we had no idea what we were doing. We had so much support. We were never on our own. We were able to get on conference calls and speak to people if we got stuck or if there was a barrier. While its our own business, we’re never on our own”

No restrictions on sales territories – You can take the initiative to establish your distribution network where & how you like.

Results are rewarded so there’s no restriction on income – The larger your distribution network the more you’re paid.

“I find the company totally ethical and its a company of integrity and we’re led by the passion of the directors at the top who still have a wonderful personal touch”

“Their staff embrace you like you’re part of their family and thats gold”

The distribution network you build over time remains yours. This means that once your network of customers and reps is established, you continue to be paid on the work you’ve already done. So if you take a few months holiday or you get sick (hopefully not!) and need time off, you will still be paid commissions as people who you have introduced the products to continue to use them.

“With so many people being touched by ill health and looking for products, the internet is a forum where ideas travel fast, they travel effectively and they are valued on integrity and communities of like minded people. That allows miessence to really be a presence within those communities and to be able to grow in an organic and dynamic way online”

“It seems like the whole company is a friend, whether you’re talking to someone in the office or whether its a director or someone you’ve just met thats just come into the business. There seems to be this wonderful camaraderie and looking after each other and helping each other. There’s a huge passion”

The current global environmental and economic problems are providing a golden opportunity for people like you. If you are a motivated and passionate person who wants to provide solutions to these problems, working with ONEGroup & our certified organic products can reward you.

“We are contributing to less chemicals in the environment, we are contributing to a growth in organic farming, we are contributing to better health in people, so we can feel in full integrity in what we are doing. We can feel like we are on a mission”

If this connects with you, connect with us. Getting started is easy. Its low cost and no risk.

Join between 1 January and 10 March and your Start Up fee is $10 – a saving of $30 over the standard joining fee.

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