Decade of the Female CEO

With social networking becoming the preferred method of communication and marketing, women are set to take over as the most successful sex when it comes to business.

Its all about talking to people and making friends and women are just better talkers than men. Women can just talk and talk and talk. Communicating well is just one of the many amazing talents women posses.

Narelle Chenery, the founder of ONEGroup and creator or the miessence product range has been a bit of an early bird when it comes to success in business.

Narelle was shocked to discover the harmful chemicals in so called natural products and set herself the task of developing the worl’d first organic skincare range. She succeeded in 2001 with the launch of miessence certified organic skincare.

Women have the ability of connecting with people on a deeper level and this is the driving force that will propel a new generation of leaders in business to take their place.