Miessence USA

Work at home with Miessence USA.

  • Stay at  home with your family– no stressful commute to work every day


    Me running my Miessence business from my bed - I seriously do this! In winter I never have to go out in the cold & in Summer I get to go to the beach while everyone is at work 🙂

  • No more feelings of hostility & distrust that you find in corporate jobs! (Well I did anyway)
  • Get paid what you’re worth. Think about how much money you’ve helped your boss make… At Miessence, you get paid on results, so if you feel undervalued & underpaid this is the business for you.
  • Work when you want – Feel like sleeping till lunch time? No worries! Maybe you’re a night owl? Maybe you wanna have Monday off? Its totally up to you.
  • Earn while you learn – How much does a college degree cost & how long does it take to get one? Spend that time doing Miessence full time and you’ll be retired while your friends are working minimum wage grad jobs and paying off monster college debt.
  • Work where you want- Become a permanent traveler & run your business while you travel 🙂
  • Run your Miessence business how you want to – Maybe you’d like to add the Miessence range to your existing business. Or maybe you want to build it from nothing into a profit making machine. All the help is here for you. Just ask!
  • Feel safe & supported – We offer as much help & training as you need for free. We just want to see you make it!

    my expensive piece of paper

    After trying a bunch of courses I finally finished one. Never used my degree to get a job I actually liked. But if you can learn to learn, and think for yourself - thats the MOST important thing in today's world!

  • Miessence is debt free & and, as of the 1st October 2011 Miessence will be paying you more. (That’s pretty awesome considering we are in a depression!)
  • Worried about the US dollar losing value because of inflation? We’ve got that covered too: Earn your commissions in Australian dollars (strong currency) from anywhere in the world.
  • Tell your boss to get *u$@&D – build up an income that replaces your job!

“According to IRS data, the income of the average American taxpayer (adjusted for inflation) had not moved since 1988, even as the richest 1 percent (those making $380,000 or more) saw their incomes grow 33 percent.”

How bad is that! So everything else gets more expensive while your income stays the same.

Its time to take your independence & freedom into your own hands. Because if you’re not working towards your dream, you’re working for someone else who is.

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