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Miessence Memeber Discounts – 20 – 50% off RRP| Certifiedorganicskins.com

Miessence Memeber Discounts – 20-50% off RRP

If you’ve fallen in love with the miessence organics range, what you need to do now is join as a member so you can buy your miessence at up to 50% off.

“Get discounts”

    • Exclusive promotions of up to 50% discount
    • Free shipping on orders over 75 points
    • 30% discount on orders over 130 points
    • 40% discount on orders over 700 points

“Earn Money”

  • Refer customers and earn commissions. Your commissions can be used to buy miessence stuff or you can choose to send it straight to your bank account as cash!
  • Its easy we give you an online shop just like this one: http://purchase.mionegroup.com

“Join Now”

The highest quality certified organic products for you and your family has never been more affordable.

Happy Shopping :)

P.S. If you have any questions about the member program you can either email me at admin@certifiedorganicskins.com or call me on 0405 113 846.

P.S.S. Miessence members are recommended to setup a default monthly order (which can be turned off if required) to make sure they are eligible for all the discounts and commissions.  So if you’re looking to spend about AU$70 or so most months between our skin, hair, body, oral, cosmetics, baby, household, perfumes, essential oils and nutritional products then this is definitely for you.