Organic Farming Techniques

June 15, 2011

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In today’s generation, the use of modern organic farming practices helps in providing balanced and sustainable environment for crop growth. One of the farming practices involves the use of eco-friendly techniques to grow crops without using synthetic products such as insecticides, pesticides and other chemical fertilizers. 

The following organic farming techniques provides an enhance productivity of crops without using any kind of synthetic materials; thus adopting sustainable development towards farming.


Variety of crops need cultivation to reduce costs found in seeds, pesticides and other synthetic fertilizers. It helps attract soil microbes. Some crops may even act as repellents for pest control, in organic manner.

It is a practice of growing plants and burying them in the soil before cultivating main crop. This includes composting to enhance soil fertility, and green manuring to add nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

Pest Control

Organic pest control involves taking different activities to control pests without using chemical insecticides and pesticides.  Disease resistant varieties of insects are selected  for cultivation to keep diseases without wasting money to spend on costly pesticides. The crop rotation practice helps in damaging the reproduction cycles of pests, thus inhibiting their growth and protecting crops.

It is very important to follow organic farming technique for sustainable growth of crops. It doesn’t help only in growing crops at more lesser cost, but also maintains our ecosystem balanced.

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