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June 26, 2011

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As our environment is filled with so many concerns, people are becoming interested with organically grown food. Some problems that arise in our food supply on regular basis results to focus on food safety in which food is monitored for its growth and treatment.

Over the past twenty years, a rise in  purchasing of organic food have seen not only for vegetables and fruits, but for meat as well. And there are definite standards recognized by the USDA surrounding vegetable, fruit and grain production. However, new certification and regulations seem to be emerging.

In view of this, those farms that feel they meet the standards that would help certify their meat “organic” can label their products as “natural”. This seemed to be  confusing to consumers since most meat is indeed natural products. With the loose term definition, consumers are facing difficult decision to figure out if the meat they are purchasing has truly been properly handled by farmers.

However, USDA encourages consumers provide higher standards for safety of properly labeled meat. Thus, seeing “organic” meat on the supermarket shelves could be in the near future.

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