Organic Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair

June 15, 2011

This shampoo contains lemon myrtle which helps clean and purify normal or oily hair. The clarifying effect of hair rinse may assist in stripping chemical residue of your hair; and protecting effect of hair repair may help to smooth and detangle your hair.

For first two weeks of using hair care with silicone derivative,  you may experience a hair detox where you feel your hair to be dryer and knottier than the usual during detox phase. Just make sure it will improve through the use of this organic shampoo.

Simply use this shampoo by massaging small amount into the scalp and rinse with shower through length of hair. And followed by applying shine herbal hair conditioner.

Try it!! and you will experience a smooth, silky hair with an invigorating aroma of organic lemon myrtle.

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