Body & Oral Care

It’s time to switch to certified organic productsUse nourishing, pure certified organic miessence products and you will feel your body thank you.

Organic Deodorants

Miessence organic deodorant is aluminium free & certified organic to international food standards. You cant say that about deodorant you buy from the supermarket!


Oral Care

Organic toothpastes, mouthwash & spray. Once you swap to organic, you’ll never use the common chemical alternative.Pin It



    Body Cleansers – organic body wash & organic soaps. Pin It




Organic Sun ProtectionKeep your skin protected from those harsh UV rays the way nature intended with organic sunscreen. Pin It




Body Creams & Powders – luxurious and

Healthy Home Bathroom Changeover Pack – Switch to organic with this one easy purchase.




Organic Mosquito Repellant – A healthier way to keep those annoying mozzies away. Contains absolutely no chemical nasties.





Organic Handcream – Perfect for keeping your hands supple and soft. Miessence organic hand cream is rose scented with organic rose essential oil. Pin It

Organic Body Powder – Its luxurious miesseence body powder… What else can I say?