Organic Toothpaste


Cleanse and brighten your teeth with bicarb soda. Freshens your breath and maintains healthy teeth and gums. Miessence organic toothpastes do not contain fluoride, aluminium, artificial sweeteners or detergents.

Organic toothpaste available in 3 flavours: MintLemonAnise

” I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the skin care and body care and my husband is coming around too (he just told me yesterday that “normal” toothpaste tastes foul to him now)!”

“I have recently started to use the Anise toothpaste and Aroma Free Deodorant. Amazing – both of them. The aroma and taste of the Anise toothpaste is lovely and cleans so effectively. The deodorant works very well and I live up in Tropical North Queensland so that is saying something. The information and assistance provided was really great.” – 

 “I have been using the toothpaste since my first order arrived the first of February. My husband has been using since sometime in February/March when our other toothpaste ran empty. Well….my husband went for his first dental exam in about 10 years on March 10th. His teeth were wonderful, but he had some severe gaps from progressed periodontal disease. When checking for the spacing of gums to the teeth, our dentist prefers nothing higher than a 3. Luke had several 7 and 8’s! They did serious deep cleaning of quadrants of his mouth in March and April. Then, he began his every 3 month checkups. July they couldn’t believe how well his gums were already healing and responding. I thought Luke was just telling me stories. Well, he just had another 3 month cleaning and they said after Feb. cleaning, he will probably be able to go to every 6 months. His hygienist kept saying how she couldn’t believe how much they have improved and how she has never seen gums improve so quickly. Most patients are on the every 3 months for a few years with excellent care. Praise Luke for sharing how he stopped using conventional toothpaste and began using “this organic toothpaste Michelle sells.” So, I will surely be taking in information and a travel size tube for her. Thank you ONEgroup for 100% beneficial ingredients in your products!!! In less than a year, my husband went from severe periodontal disease to minor gingivitis.” – 






“Because I had been using conventional toothpaste for so long when I changed to the Miessence toothpaste I thought my mouth didn’t feel as clean. I was determined to persevere and after using the toothpaste for about 3mths noticed an enormous difference in my teeth and the overall health of my mouth. The most noticeable difference was that my husband and I both stopped getting mouth ulsers. I believe the reason for this is that normal toothpaste is so strong it kills all the good bacteria along with everything else, so your mouth can’t fight infection as affectively. The second thing is that my teeth are whiter than they have been for years. Like a lot of people I had been seduced into believing that I needed a special product to ‘whiten’ my teeth. I tried a couple of the leading products from the supermarket only to find that it left me feeling sick in the stomach and the white effect only lasted a couple of weeks (and one time looked ridiculously fake). I haven’t done anything to my teeth for the past 2 years apart from brush them with Miessence toothpaste and I am really happy with the colour and health of my mouth and gums. The third thing I really noticed was that I can now clean my teeth and eat straight afterwards without the food tasting terrible. The reason is that there are no residue chemicals in my mouth! Again where was my innate wisdom? My mouth had been trying to warn me for years but I had stopped listening. The penny really dropped when I ran out of Miessence toothpaste and used my mother’s leading brand of toothpaste. My mouth was foaming with soap and it tasted disgusting. It was at this moment that I really felt frighten for I realized that my body was so use to the chemical taste it had stopped warning me of the danger. I had been using the products for about 12 months before becoming a rep and this realization was one of the things which influenced to become a rep. Unfortunately we are creatures of habit and our body appears to resist change through its detox phase. Once you have survived the detox it is a whole new world. I hope this has been helpful.” –