Organic Botanical Perfumes

lift your mood, heighten your awareness and inspire warmth in your heart with miessence® organic Botanical PerfumesPin It

Each miessence® Botanical Perfume blends with your individual body chemistry to create your unique scent.

Handmade with love from rare and exquisite botanical extracts, absolutes and essential oils, our perfumes are hand blended and stirred drop by drop for 4 hours. No machine comes in contact with the perfumes.

miessence® organic Botanical Perfumes were recently featured in Yoga + magazine

For a truly divine experience …



Love – Floral botanical perfume

Wild – Oriental unisex botanical perfume

Free – Citrus botanical perfume

Brave – Chypre unisex Botanical Perfume

Calm – Fougere unisex botanical perfume

Delicious – Gourmand botanical perfume