Chemoprotective compounds such as antioxidants help to protect healthy cells from being damaged by chemotherapy drugs.

These drugs are used to prevent or slow the growth of cancerous cells, however they also work with equal effectiveness on healthy cells in the body. Particularly the quick dividing cells of the gastrointestinal tract.

Maintaining a high intake of antioxidants is correlated with lower cancer incidence. They are thought to neutralize free radicals before they can damage cells. 

No one food will provide you with all the antioxidants you require. Its best to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Each colour you see in a fruit or vegetable corresponds to an antioxidant. And each antioxidant you ingest works to neutralize specific free radicals in the body.

strawberry, blackberry, cherry

The purple colored fruits and vegetables contain anthocyanins - a type of antioxidant.