Rumen Buffers Approved For Organic Dairies

June 20, 2011

Today’s high-energy ration formulations frequently limit animals from producing enough natural buffer, i.e. saliva, by chewing cud, causing excess acid to develop in the rumen. To improve rumen performance and increase feed intake, the buffering capabilities of sodium bicarbonate will help stabilize rumen acids.

The natural sodium sesquicarbonate (SQ-810) has been listed in Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic production which provides almost all buffering capabilities of sodium bicarbonate in a better soluble formula. It also assists balanced rations  including calcium and magnesium carbonate for proper mineral levels.

The two rumen buffers approved for organic dairies are ARM and HAMMER Sodium Bicarbonate and SQ-810 which have been listed as restricted products. The two buffers can be used as feed additive and supplement, but may not be fed above the levels which are needed for adequate nutrition and health maintenance, or for stimulating growth or production.

To verify the compliance of these buffers, organic producers are advised to consult for certifying agent before including them in their rations.


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