Washington Organic Farming Company

June 29, 2011

The expansion of Washington organic farming company was lingered from Andrew Stout and two close friends’ idea somewhere between college graduation and career.

Stout is the CEO in one of the biggest organic-producing businesses in Western Washington state. He has been delivering boxes of fruits and vegetables to around 16,000 active customers.

But how did they arise with the idea of expanding organic farming into the growing organic operation of Carnation, Wash-based Full Circle Farm?. Wendy Munroe, wife of Stout and co-founded the farm, says his business savvy is one reason for the success of Full Circle. According to Munroe, Stout’s attitude towards business world could extend Full Circle into six states – an unusual reach for organic farm catering to subscribers.

In the year 2003, Full Circle has bought 53 acres in Carnation. By then the farm had expanded to more than 20 employees which serve few hundred customers. Two years later, a group in Juneau, Alaska, looking for organic produce contacted Full Circle, and Stout agreed to accept those customers on, confident that the company would be able to deliver to Alaska all-year-round.

Now Alaska provides 30% of Full Circle’s customers. Full Circle has expanded its customer base in Washington and entered Idaho. By the year 2012, Stout plans to serve customers in California, Montana and Oregon as well.

Full Circle seems like a well-oiled machine. It has around 150 employees, a total of around 400 acres of rented and owned farmland in Sammamish and Snoqualmie Valley, distribution centers in Anchorage and Seattle,  and 475 pickup sites in Alaska, Washington and Idaho.

This year, Full Circle is on the track for half million deliveries. The Full Circle declined to bring out its sales, but based on the typical delivery prices, its revenues approach $20 million.

As a result, Full Circle became more traditional CSA – as to what you sell is where you grow.  Thus, extending the concept of community-supported agriculture.

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